Elimination of economic exploitation of the weak person by the strong person is another important aspect of Islamic economic system. Numerous steps have been taken by Islam to eliminate exploitation. Usury or Riba is one of the worst tools of human manipulation and this has been eliminated root and branch. Other methods of human exploitation such as gambling, bribery, speculative transactions, prostitution, embezzlement, fraudulent practices, etc. have also been forbidden in Islamic State.

People used to treat a woman like an animal before Islam. They did not give them even a status of the human being before the emergence of Islam. It was Islam that restored their human status and awarded them with equal economic and social rights along with men. In the field of economic, women have been bestowed with rights to own property, to get property and to dispose of it at their will. Islam has given them right of inheritance from, their husbands, their parents, their children and near relatives. They are permitted to work to make their livelihood through any honorable profession or vocation of their will. Likewise, the orphans are another economically subjugated class in society as their possessions are generally demolished by their custodians and near relatives. Islam has stated devouring the property of the orphans a main wickedness or crime. Keeping this in mind, if orphan wishes to perform hajj by getting Islamic Pilgrimage Services, he must be permitted as Islam does not allow any kind of suppression of the orphans.

Islam has given protection to the laborers against the economic manipulation by the capitalist by providing that fair wages should be secure before employing the workers and that they should be punctually paid their salaries before their sweat dries up. To eradicate the exploitation of the tenants by the property-owners, Islam almost eliminated the evil system of feudal. Benefits of consumers have been secured by ordering prohibition on certain exploitive business misconduct like hoarding, speculation, monopoly, and short-measuring and short-weighing.
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