Life of this world is like prison for the Muslim. The best and true Muslim want to spend his life according to the Islam and he feel Islam like is the only cure and only heal of this world. True Muslims want to go for the Allah and want the paradise as soon as possible. Islam provide the Muslims many rewards when they will perform in the world so good. Here after is the love for the Muslims and punishment for the non-Muslims. This life is like a war where you have to survive. People who looking for the world they feel like heaven in the world but their believer really feel bad in this world. If you want to feel relief, then you have to follow the rules and guidelines of the Islam. Muslims some time want relief from this world they will go for the Umrah and hajj with the great and best package like Family Umrah offers with Luxury Hotels unbelivers who don’t follow the Islam and they are not agree what the god said then Allah will have punished them. There was a time when the great prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa(PBUH) won the war and many prisoners were caught in this war. they are so hypocrite and they always use bad words for the Lord and they try to hurt the great prophet. When they are in the prison of the Prophet. He orders to kill them, Ali-Ibn-Talib cut their heads. They were people Once prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa was offer the prayer and one of him come and throw the sheep on the head of the prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH). Then the great women of Fatima come and remove that dirt from the Prophet. Allah will also punish them in this world. So as a Muslim make your life better and feel relief in this world.
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